Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall- ing in Love - Majic Carpet Dyes and The Spirit Hare Pattern

The fall is always a special time for me, I love the wild skies, the bright colours and the beautiful days.
And it is also time on The Welcome Mat for our free Fall Spirit Animal pattern. I love this series we have, we do so many amazing renditions of these patterns.
This year Caryn Devlin of The Wool Garden has drawn The Spirit Hare for us.
Here is part of this amazing pattern.

He is communing in a spirit world!

And best of all, this week our newest addition to WandaWorks, Majic Carpet Dyes is ready to launch.

Have you got your ticket to ride ?

I'm excited to announce our countdown for online sales of The Majic, (the Majic Carpet Dyes) on my website starting September 18th, only 5 more days to wait!

Want to ride the Majic Carpet with me?  I'll be pulling some rabbits out of hats for you with formulas and dye instruction each week in The Wanda Way Studio ( my school for rug hooking online).
I've started a club there for all things Majical..... go here to join us, it is free and there are formulas and boons posted each week for all to use. Look for The Majic Carpet Club.

I'll continue to support all things dyeing on The Welcome Mat and in RHM.
Have a great week!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fashion From The BedQuarters - What we did on our summer vacation

Man made me a bed desk this summer and I loves it, I've had foot surgery and I'm not to bear weight.
And I have shit to do.

Pictured above is my precious sewist Elyse helping me construct a couturier garment for my friend in  need. She was a MOG on Saturday, Mother of the Groom and her appointed seamstress let her down.

Into the breach we strode hopped because I only have one leg to stand on.

We worked bleventy bleven hours.

We made a bustle, a ball skirt with feathers stitched into the fancy gathered waistband, and her name was stitched there too. And a blouse with amazing Mood Fabric buttons.

  Here is her totem jacket, everything means something to her family on it!

Even the skirt bottom has a feathered edge.
 A fine time was had by all.
All 70 fashion diva hours of sewing.
But we are all well pleased.

Note: this was edited by Elyse 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Incredible Eco Dyeing Results

Wow! I'm getting some excellent colour transfer on wool flannel!
This is not the usual "shades of brown" eco dyeing results is it?

Two sides of the same piece of wool

This sampler includes a plethora of things from inside to create these permanent stains. No dye or harsh chemicals are used! 
Our Eco Dyeing Class started today in The WandaWay Studio  
Join us if you are eager to get the same great results.
3 Great lessons including videos 
 Inside - Outside- Overdye

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Miss Online Manners? I do

A lot of rug hooking connectivity takes place online theses days. I thrilled about this because I love my ability to meet and enjoy the heck out of so many like minded people! Thank you so much!

I'm sensitive to negativity and its terrible influence on creating and our hearts and our souls. It wears o our bodies too. I think most people have a little well of non edifying waters they take a dip in every once and awhile. But most of us shake off the dew, dry ourselves in the sunshine and carry on.
I don't like to be negative and I do like to act professionally at all times online and elsewhere
I did not always appreciate the importance of this even though Anne told me! 
Every once in awhile my professional life is blurred by my private one but rarely.
What I'm saying is, there are inside voices and outside ones.
I want to caution you about the permanence of your responses online.
Even if removed ,when read they create a lasting impression of you and create a ripple effect.
If you are a rug hooking professional, teacher, business person or even a blogger with nothing to sell, you need to conduct yourself with positivity and ethics.
A lot of what happens is simply reactionary. So and so writes a blog post with emotion ( not positive) and that in turn sparks a hussah of comments that both embroider and stumpwork 
( build up ) the original words and emotions.
Be careful.
Try not to partake. Write a note if you need catharsis but don't post it.
Rarely do you ever see a dissenting opinion to these missives. And frankly they aren't that welcome.
Try to be the voice of reason if you are brave enough.
I have a list of good netiquette which I find even the top bloggers in rug hooking don't adhere very much.
Please copy and spread this list around liberally. Everyone needs to see it and turn away from those who are not using good online manners.
1. Never denigrate a business or service no matter what happens if you have one yourself. NEVER.
2. Don't troll other services or blogs for good fodder without giving credit to the source, ALWAYS with links. You would be shocked at the levels at which this is happening. We are have some very popular bloggers setting a very poor examples. In the greater blogosphere rug hooking bloggers are the only people who do not do this that I've found in my areas of interest. It is very bad manners, akin to eating your snot at the dinner table with Her Majesty. Act more honorably, if the info or photos they found, wrote or researched are good enough to add to your blog or other service then don't they deserve a reference?
3. Always check with yourself before posting by asking would I want this said of me? Could I apply more understanding? Is this the seed I want to plant? What fruit will it bear? Would I want credit for my work? In my case today I asked, does this need attending to?
4. If you have a quick emotional response to something you read ..... don't react by typing. React by thinking or creating. If a day later you still think you have something important to add then have at it. I think you'll find in 10 hours much of the emotion will have dissipated. Don't feed that negativity a thing if you can help it.
5. Do not  ever and I mean NEVER take up the case of defense for someone else. Every horrible firestorm I've ever observed or weathered online came about because someone got indignant on another's behalf.
I'll tell you as an added bonus, this is something to look out for.... some people get stuff going through behind the scenes manipulation and then sit back and actually enjoy the chaos, their hands nicely clean while everybody else is browned up to their ears in crap. Ohhh that stinks!
6. Don't act like spoiled babies when things aren't going the way you think they should. Change is inevitable and it is good. 
Let's turn a new leaf.
Spread the word please.... with credit of course. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The WandaWay Studio - Eco Dyeing Class

Exciting News
I've just thrown open the front doors of my online classroom
Anyone can go anytime to the WandaWay to look around.
To start any class look in Classrooms in the top menu and join the one you like.

Eco Dyed Wool

This coming year the WandaWay is having 4 terms of classes.

On August 20th Term 1 starts with a great class on eco dyeing.
You might have seen my recent March/April/May 2014 Rug Hooking Magazine article about this?

My Eco Dyeing article and one featuring my online classes by Paulette Hackman is in this issue

You don't need any previous dyeing experience to play with us or you can be an expert dyer, everyone is welcome. This is not traditional natural dyeing. We use the natural materials ( including rust and dirt of you please) in their whole, fresh, complete form and manipulate them to imprint permanent stains on our wool.
What transpires is wonderful. Although there is plenty of info on eco dyeing out in the universe, the wool flannel we use creates some problems and adjustments I'll steer you through.

Finding new ways to colour our wool means bringing new and unique glory to our stashes. This in turn brings even more individuality and beauty to our hooking or other wool craft.

Rust printed and overdyed wool adds splendid markings on my wonderful poppy seed head.
I admit I'm in love with this seed pod and eco dyeing started this romance.
Join us and fall in love with dye and hooking all over again

As an introductory boon and man I love giving you a boon, I'm offering a three lesson class for the cost of a two lessons one. only $50. Save $25!
The lessons are: Inside, Outside, Over Dye and will be available for 3 months from your join up date.
You only need a few household items, wool and a little harvest of the natural materials around you and dyes for Overdye.

My classes are interactive, you can have direct contact with me, ask any question about the lessons, I provide inspiration, guidance and help you with ways to improve if desired. My goal is to help you develop as an artist, not to make you a mini me! I meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

Here is your invitation to the WandaWay Studio.

To join this wonderful Eco Dyeing Class, just go to the classroom and follow the prompts.

It would be a great idea to join the studio to keep in the know about future classes if you aren't interested in this one at no cost. All classes will be available to everyone at any time.
I'll be building up a delicious curriculum over time. I'll see you there!


If you are a current paid up member of The Welcome Mat this Eco Dyeing class costs $10. Please choose that option when signing up. If you are not a member of the Mat, you are more than welcome to join it and then join the WWS to save yourself $10 off the complete cost of class and also reap a year in the only university of rug hooking, The Welcome Mat.

Monday, July 7, 2014

In a Word Rug

   January Journal Rug
In a Word, 2014
27"x 50" #8 and #6 on linen
In a Word  Journal project:  A word(s) encapsulates each day and is added to the rug during the month of January. This January Journal is a yearly event  Welcome Mat members join in, we make some very amazing projects around our yearly themes.
In January 2015 we shall be looking at the idea of houses, join us if you are a secret carpenter or always wanted your own village or just want to watch.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Poppy Passion Pattern Peek

We would love to see you in our Poppy Passion Class, my 3 month online class this summer. 
We are learning new ways with colour, dyeing and hooking loops.
This beautiful exclusive pattern is included for all students.
Here is a portion of it. The reason it's so hot around here is I'm on fire for this project!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Poppy Passion - An Online Class

This is a closeup of one of my poppies from my "and the day came" rug

Our online class for Summer 2014 is Poppy Passion. I'd love to have you join.
We will be creating the most magical of flowers with artistic and creative flair!
I'll be supplying you with a beautiful pattern, including close up and distant poppies, a patch among a wild garden. You can enlarge as you wish or interpret as you like. You will use your own wool. Or I can supply it as needed. There will be dyeing recipes and new twists on common methods included as part of this class.

3 excellent lessons on painting with our wool strips, being artistic with colour, handling tough aspects of flowers and greenery including contrast and creating liveliness using a spectrum of colour to shade your glories with good teaching, back up and plenty of direct student/teacher interaction + the pattern PDF

Find out how to make your poppies more than red blobs with black centres. Have some seedy fun! It's going to be imaginative exploration on what colour can do for us in the garden!

Class starts July 1, lessons will be presented on set dates but you show up when you like. Class is open for 3 months.

Spend the summer with poppy passion and me and the whole year with the rest of The Welcome Mat family!!
What are you waiting for? It's time to start blooming hookers! I'm looking forward to seeing the amazing projects you create.
Online class cost $75 US
Join the Welcome Mat to participate! ( an additional $30 fee will apply to become a member)

Go here to join class if you are a Mat member.
Go here to join The Welcome Mat to sign up for our class.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Question ?

I love when people ask questions!

Yesterday a great one came up on The Mat while we were talking about hooking vast negative spaces and how to handle them. I thought I'd share with you in case you wonder the same thing.

"I'm interested in how people do different colored backgrounds for landscapes with large colorful skies. It's not so difficult to make different colored skies( other than blue) there are a  lot of them. Red, pink, purple, yellow. I want to make my background interesting by changing the color of the landscape. Something besides green or brown,  but how do you change the colors of the landscape and make it look right. This is probably a more involved topic than your asking right? Anyone out there have any simple suggestions for this?"

Here 's what I said:

You can go here in The Mat to study my tutorial on blending like values in the Free Online Classroom. This let's you use wide array of colours in any section of a landscape you like, such as a hill, but they do the job of making the hill appear as a hill where it should be because they are all the correct value for that space. Many colours making one statement, I'm a middle distance hill!

 That brings me to the idea that many colours need to be used in a landscape to create planes or the sensation of distance/depth. Each plane of the landscape creates it own " colour temperature, saturation and value costume " for the role they are playing in the total landscape. Brighter darker colours in the foreground, less so in the mid ground and duller, lighter colours in the background. This is why so much hooking work lays flat even when we are trying to create depth, not enough colours used in the proper places.

Here is a link to landscape art. LOOK AT ALL THE COLOURS USED!!!! Amazing. Now look more carefully how those colours play their role to create the landscape or do not in poorer examples.

It might also be good to look at Stephen Quiller who loves to use unexpected colours in traditonal style landscapes. A master!

PS Dear reader.... there are hundreds of tutorials on The Welcome Mat to enrich your rug hooking with 5 years of sinfully rich archives to dig through! Only $30 a year!